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The Earthling's Handbook

Welcome to the Earthling's Handbook. Earth is a great planet, but living here can be more complicated than it seems. We hope these resources and essays help you live in harmony with your world. Enjoy!

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Wisdom: How To Do Things Right

Useful tips on a variety of subjects.

Environment: Green Living

Green Living is nothing more than respecting the planet you live on, and doing your part to help make it last. Contrary to popular opinion, being green is easy. We've assembled some tips to make it easier.

Think: Use Your Head!

The human brain can be a powerful tool. But it's like a muscle: you have to exercise it. And in today's world, you can't afford to let your brain get out of shape. If you aren't alert, you're a victim.

Society: Barrel Or Handbasket?

Americans these days want everything handed to them. They want freedom and security together; they want high wages and low prices; they want progress and "the good old days". They want rights without responsibilities, and it just doesn't work that way.

Let's start turning things around.

Sex: Ignorance Is NOT Bliss

They're sometimes called "the facts of life", but the truth is that many people go through life without learning the real facts about sex. Sex is a scary topic for some people, and embarrassing for most. But if you're doing it, or thinking about doing it, there are things you need to know.


Top-level stuff.

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