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Sex Basics

by Becca Stallings

Many people are terribly uninformed about sex. At the extremes are people like the girl I overheard in high school, telling her friend that she didn't understand how she'd gotten pregnant for the second time at age sixteen, when she'd been using "foam"--the foam from a can of cola! She went on to say that she'd gotten pregnant the first time because she not only had no contraceptive information but didn't know that the activity her boyfriend called "screwing" was the same thing as the "sexual intercourse" that she'd heard was the cause of pregnancy.

Most people manage to be better informed than that. Still, in college I met many highly intelligent people who believed some inaccurate things about sex. Here are a few examples:

It's important to get the facts about sex to avoid harming yourself and others. Even if you plan to remain celibate all your life, you need to take care of your reproductive organs to prevent cancer and other health problems.

External Link!Here is some information for teenagers.

External Link!Here is some information for parents.

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